Entrusting your integration project to AVD guarantees an exceptional result.

For over 30 years we have continuously raised the bar in automation, electrical and electronic systems engineering locally and around the world.

Every aspect, from sublime design to seamless installation, is handled by our in-house professionals, not sub-contracted. 

This ensures accountability on the three things that matter most; quality, time and money.

Our design team creates the 'wow'. Our construction and installation teams have the practical skills to make the 'wow' work. It’s that simple. 


If it exists, we know about it.

If it doesn't exist, we find a way.

If it needs to exist, we engineer it.




Whether your a great entertainer or want to put safety first, we can design, engineer and construct an environment you'll love coming home to.



Technology is the backbone of business. We can help you harness it to create a beautiful space that works beautifully.



With competition on every corner, getting the little things right is key. We'll do the little things to help put your customers in the mood to return again and again. 


A true team player.

Our most consistent point of feedback, alongside joy at the finished product, is how well our team integrates with our clients' architect and builder.  

By having experienced professionals in all areas on all projects, we know that our staff will follow the process that has achieved unrivalled success time after time.

  • Collaboration from start to finish
  • A water-tight process to help eliminate delays
  • Fulfilment by AVD full-time staff - no subcontractors.
  • Complete transparency
  • One point of contact for all project suppliers


Over the past 30 years, no two projects have been the same yet they've all shared one important facet: process. We start at the beginning and don't move on until absolute agreement has been reached. Our meticulous nature means we only present designs that will perform as well for you in real life as they promise to on paper, and triple check at every step along the way. 

There are no half measures, shortcuts or patches. Nothing is glossed over.

While the kinds of clients we usually attract prefer anonymity above being used for promotional purposes, we have found a few who have been kind enough to offer their words of encouragement to anyone looking to engage us for future projects. 

But if you'd like to know more about us, our process, and how we can create some 'practical wow' for you, feel free to contact us whenever you're ready.



"We have built before and we attempted to do a similar system however regrettably unsuccessfully, due to the providers we used and we used one to commence and one to complete and neither were a scratch on AVD. We did our research and Sandy and his team were diligent, professional and timely in the execution of our project."

Owner - Bellevue Hill Residence


"We have been working with AVD Australia over the last four years on a large residential project in Sydney. This project was complicated by the nature of the traditional detailing of the home which then in turn needed to integrate the latest in energy efficient management. The operating system that was recommended and designed by AVD, was Savant. Our clients have pushed this software to control and provide valuable feedback which has all been programmed by the AVD team. There seems to be no hurdle they are not willing to conquer and the result is a very intuitive system to operate."

Kenström Design



In our experience, clients who dedicate 6-12% of their total budget to electrical & electronic systems integration achieve the best results.

Each project has a minimum cost. But just like with your tapware, benchtops and flooring, the price difference between basic and best of the best, is significant.

Before you continue, have a think about how you’d like us to approach your project.

Are you after the best on a budget, the best where it matters most, or the best of the best no matter the cost?

To get your project underway, fill out our DISCOVERY questionnaire today.